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Nothing but Time

Gee, I just posted yesterday, and already I am back at it. No classes or clinicals will do that for a person. Oh, and no job. Guess I should get cranking on that. Resume? Was I supposed to make one of those?

Anyway, Carole, Linda and I are headed out for lunch. We are having Thai today (this place has the BEST lemongrass beef and satays. Oh! And the won ton soup is out of this world! All those pea pods and black mushrooms and teeny tiny corn. YUM!

Gotta go. Until I look for a job I shall be one of the "ladies who lunch". Lunch being a verb. Ya know.
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All over but the crying (oh, and those pesky boards--details, details). No longer RNwannabe, I, but Registered Nurse (as soon as I do those boards things). Commencement was     L     O     N     G    ! But I was next to Carole in line, so we had fun (especially the shots at the bar in between commencement and pinning!)

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Fic: Sleeping wih Wilson

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Author: me (very shy…)

Pairings: House/Wilson No slash, or only mildly implied

Word Count: 847

Rating: PG, for teh sad

Disclaimer: Yup, not mine. Only playing. Will return when done.

Spoilers: None, really

Warnings: Ends sad, but not really. Everbody (d)ies.

Author’s note: First fic. Love you all, you are great. Time to give back to the community. Be kind.


The first time House slept with Wilson they were drunk.

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Sleeping with Wilson
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Say WHAT??

Is it really almost May? Time moves so quickly when you spend so much time banging your head against a wall that you are unconscious for much of the time. I am reminded that I WILL have a life again, one day. Damn this ongoing education! What's wrong with sexanddrugsandrockandroll? Oh yeah. The eating dog food if you live to be 70 thing. Some of that stuff looks pretty tasty, although I am sure I would be the bag lady saving up for the special Kal Kan treat. OOPS! No time for post-ee. Gotta go finish paper on the ethical and legal implications of pumping a dying person so full of tasty meds that they slip away peacefully. That is WRONG, I tell you! Don't do it! IT IS WRONG!!!!!!!
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New Palm

Got a new Palm TX the other day. Spent the past few days configuring it instead of studying. Go figure. I finally got it to synch, though, and downloaded epocrates rx. Yay! This will SO come in handy this semester. If I can only get on the internet................
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I don't post.

Well, here we are, middle of January, and I have had nothing to say since I first signed on to lj. Maybe this is because I was on holiday break and living in he real world all this time (HA!) Or maybe it was because I never got my password set up right and never bothered to get that fixed. Anyway, here I am.

School is up and running. This semester I have peds and I feel I am so screwed. Most of the class has kids. I have none, my friends have none, I have nil exposure to the little walking petri dishes. We have also been told that we can draw alot from our Child Developement and Family Systems class that I never took. Clepping seemed like such a good idea at the time (it still does, actually). I will just have to play catch-up. Well, back to the books!
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Hello World!?!

Well, there you have it. I am a lurker who has joined the fray. Perhaps this will help me to write more. We shall see. Of course working while being a middle-aged college student may have soething to say about that!! Maybe my typing skills will improve......